Obama talking about newtown school shooting – Politics Informer Video

Obama talking about newtown school shooting

Sad Day keep the families in your players. newton school shooting Obama talking about newton school shooting

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  1. 7IGHTANG3L says:

    Alex Jones / David Icke / Alex Collier = Truth

    Jesse Ventura 2016

    Flu Shots / Aspartame / Fluoride / MSG / GMO foods = Poison

    Tyberonn – Atlantis / Superstorms @ Spirit Library .com

    Astral Projection is Real

    Illuminati will Fail!

    We are all One. We must raise our vibration. Envision Earth and all of its inhabitants filled with and surrounded by Love and Light. Visualize what you desire with the intent for it to manifest (and the belief that it will manifest) and it will become a reality.

  2. robloxandblockand2k1 says:

    Dunblain shooting was worse

  3. lildickheads says:

    no one is going to take my gun.

  4. Hannya Seeks says:

    I want to say “yes”, but I am not sure I can. I don’t doubt that there is a self centered attitude behind it, but it would be hard to seperate it from people with genuine understanding of the difference.

  5. J1NX1337 says:

    Whoever takes away the guns from the law abiding citizens… will be responsible for the future successful murders, rapes and robberies!

    Just so that the gun banning flock of idiots know the real implications of their silly actions.

  6. Slickster082 says:

    lol yeah i know, i just mean the self-centered attitude behind a lot of it

  7. Astrid Iliefski says:

    There was this woman who heard the shootings and took all of the kids in that classroom in to a locker and when the man came in she stood there and said that the kids where in the gym. He shot her and ran down to the gym. He didn’t find those kids because of her. She saved many lifes that day. She sacrificed herself for those kids. She is a hero.

  8. sonbarably says:

    and remember this

    NO HEROES in the police departments that allowed this to happen and kept silent after it did

  9. sonbarably says:

    the only question i have is which private military contractor carried out the Batman and this massacre

  10. sonbarably says:

    the 1% has been living on human sacrifice throughout its existence

    it’s now developing a taste for much more gruesome crimes, the way Colombians like their victims:

    children, women and old people go down first

  11. sonbarably says:

    the names that will not be mentioned in this Colombian style corporate paramiligary operation:

    the 1%


    media rats on the left and the right cannot tread in the profession they claim to practice

  12. Spitfire995 says:

    Wrong, the media is run by zionists and neo-cons. They spew propaganda in favor of the upper %1.

  13. Angryconsumernerd says:

    Oh yeah I agree with you Ron Paul was by far the best candidate but right wing republicans run the media and he had No chance from the beginning. Im not saying Obama is a great president but compared to Mitt he was a saint . .

  14. Kathi Carroll says:

    Huffington Post article on the LIBOR global banking scandal, where the value of western banks have been inflated artificially since 1991,

    has suddenly become inaccessible on Google(!).

  15. Kathi Carroll says:

    Adam’s mother never worked as a school teacher

    and Victoria Soto was or IS a CIA agent. the webpage that listed her school, a CIA school, suddenly disappeared a couple of days ago

  16. Kathi Carroll says:

    Adam’s father was due to testify in the LIBOR scandal. he was a GE employee in the finance field

    much like John Holmes, the other supposed massacre perp was to do

  17. Kathi Carroll says:

    the 1% naked killing spree that started in 9/11 isn’t over

    this is just another morsel in their push for absolute power

  18. Hannya Seeks says:

    Well, either you removed your comments or I accidently deleted them, and I don’t think that I can delete another persons comments, but you’ll see what I posted to you in your inbox, so have fun.

  19. Hannya Seeks says:

    No. They are not childish comparisons. There are big differences.


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