Victor Borge – Performance at the White House – Politics Informer Video

Victor Borge performs his musical comedy routine at the White House. At the show he notices all the pianos in the White House play the same tune, and has trouble playing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1.
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  1. He ALMOST convinces you that he can’t actually play the piano but then he goes and does a thing like that at 5:40 . What an absolute genius.

  2. Terrific. Some of you will be old enough to get the political humor of the piano which could only play,”Mary Margaret Truman Was The Daughter of the Prez” at the beginning of the Eisenhauer administration. What a whippersnapper!!

  3. He is so funny! His work is as fresh and entertaining today as it was 55 years ago when this performance took place. Victor Borge will live on forever thanks to video clips like these. I’ve been laughing so hard I scared the dog. Thanks for posting, DocCaeruleus!


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