SOPA reborn by Congress as IPAA – Politics Informer Video

In the past several months, Congress has attempted to police and control the Internet with bills such as PIPA, SOPA and CISPA. But due to blackout campaigns by websites such as Wikipedia, Google and Reddit and protest from citizens, the legislation has been shot down repeatedly. Now the hydra has reared a new head this time known as the Intellectual Property Attache Act. Aaron Swartz, founder and executive director for Demand Progress, joins us to examine how similar SOPA and IPAA really are. Like us and/or follow us:
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13 Responses to “SOPA reborn by Congress as IPAA – Politics Informer Video”

  1. frauleinmlegtfo says:

    So this young, articulate, well-spoken man who wrote out this speech and is reading it word for word on his Mac killed himself without note? Hm.

  2. kibbulz1 says:

    Clearly murdered. SOPA was the motive. An American martyr…hero…patriot.

  3. Zidnea says:

    no his right, jews run the world

  4. lanili100 says:


  5. lanili100 says:

    We are…..Justice.

  6. Kyle Preston says:

    We the U.S citizens are against SOPA IPAA and we couldn’t care less about owning the world. It’s all about money at the end of the day and that is what America is about.

  7. OneCIickOneTime says:

    The whole concept of “Anonymous” is idiotic. When the media and/or government want to vilify internet users, they’ll just use “Anonymous” as an example, or reason to do so, and “Anonymous” is anyone who claims to be “Anonymous.”

  8. OneCIickOneTime says:

    Lol. Dumb kike, don’t worry, you’re still the most hated.

  9. OneCIickOneTime says:

    Your country is nothing but a shitty little slum filled with Middle Easterners, nowadays.

    “but don’t project your shitty ways on the rest of the world”

    So, which was the genocidal, traditionally inbred nation that just had to build its empire, no matter the cultures and peoples destroyed and displaced by these actions? Why does the U.S. exist? How about Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc.? Yeah, shove those words up your ass, you warmongering, inbred hick, and get off our website.

  10. mat2000100 says:

    You’s Trollin!

  11. mat2000100 says:

    herp-a-derp, they own half of it, the other goes to china. roll on 2nd cold war…

  12. SANdIEGO Goering says:

    trust us, we want our leaders to stop pretending like they do.

  13. sarataraify says:

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