Assassin’s Creed 3 Walkthrough – Part 30 Boston Tea Party Let’s Play AC3 Gameplay Commentary – Politics Informer Video

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed 3 Walkthrough – Part 30 Boston Tea Party Let’s Play AC3 Gameplay Commentary – Politics Informer Video”

  1. alanlieu3 says:

    I’m a little teapot short and spout, here’s my handle, here’s my spout, when I get all steamed up here me shout, tip me over and pour me out :D
    ( I couldn’t resist)

  2. eric miranda says:

    dumb ass you should have gotten the french cutclass

  3. auslov says:

    Did conner kiss that lady?

  4. jis707 says:

    Sword* :)

  5. Hector Degrell says:

    i agree totally

  6. mikecacho1 says:

    1:35 another way to avoid firing line damage. still looked badass

  7. yognaughty says:

    He bought a sord that does 1 damage and is the most expensive one

  8. jackofblades456 says:

    its not a sasquatch, its just a guy im pretty sure

  9. Coolmusicplaylist says:

    BOSTON TEA PARTY! You tax us extra and we dump all your damn tea overboard.

  10. captaintx17 says:

    Lulz these red coats can’t swim

  11. theassasin098 says:

    7:15 LOL, that woman kissed Connor and he walks right through her like a boss!

  12. levitator45 says:

    why is there so much fuss about tea

  13. fox schwark says:

    he did that a few vids ago

  14. PowerHouse House says:

    Nice vid keep posting

  15. mithrandir1988 says:

    I know right! Good character design they did, that way his changed with the twist.

  16. xPohzeR says:

    the combat system seems so awkward. it seems like a lot of hits would be kill shots in previous AC’s and it seems goofy. Also how does the counter system work, is that the same?

  17. FelipeNahur says:

    Nvm, did it :}

  18. FelipeNahur says:


  19. Alonewolfperson101 says:

    Lee scares me now before he all nice looking guy now he looked messed o.o

  20. MisfitPhobia says:

    Assassin’s Creed Rules!

  21. MegaMerudin says:

    Y didn’t u do the fort that was right in front of you after the tea party?


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