Robin Williams breaks down the last ten years of US politics – Politics Informer Video

This educational clip from Robin Williams breaks down the last ten years of US politics and makes some very good observations. Taken from Robin Williams Weapons of self destruction TV special, that was later nominated for best comedy album. Peace
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Dave Rea says:

    An F bomb here and there is okay but every other word is not comedy.  Like many other so-called comedians feeling the need to fill their performances with nothing but profanity and little substance, Robin Williams is way over-rated. He resorts to the F word because he has nothing else and he knows stupid people will think he’s a comical genius for his ability to use it multiple times.

  2. kller04 says:

    “he waved at stevie wonder” i laeghed so hard!!!!

  3. waitew says:

    No stand down,but a game of keep away played by Col. Marr & FAA Colin Scoggins.They needed an excuse to send Langley’s F16’s NE AWAY from DC to allow FL77 to hit from the SW.It was supposed to be United 93 but it was 40 min delayed.So,Scoggins made false ‘Phantom 11′ report to replace it.Gen. Larry Arnold forgot things hadn’t gone as planned telling Commission Langley was put up for United 93,but 93 hadn’t even been hijacked yet! He inadvertently Confessed to 911 revealing the original plan.

  4. hullguy123 says:

    I guess if the word “fuck” was erased of this show there would be a big silent pause.

  5. agupta247 says:

    bcoz on stage he’s himself and in movies he plays a character… :)

  6. DinoJake says:

    Oh Robin. Why are you ten times funnier on stage than you are on film?

  7. Christoph Schuerch says:

    You’re brilliant.

  8. midyara says:

    lol you’re retarded
    you obviously missed the joke

  9. usmcoth says:

    This is exactly what I mean when I say I am done with the “BI-POLARTICS”. Drop your party and pay offs at the door this is time for truth or consequences because we are tired of the lies and profiteering.

  10. himynameiscameron1 says:

    He waved at steve wonder…pffAH HAHAHA.

  11. Christoph Schuerch says:

    Dude. Robin Williams sucks as a comedian. The punchline to every joke is, “What the fuck!?” What the fuck??

  12. KBendix says:

    “So, how did he look after 10 years of hiding?” “We… we actually didn’t see him.” “Not even a photo?” “No, they threw him in sea shortly after they killed him.” “!”

  13. Wolfiemouse says:

    Ah, Robin Williams … right on dude.  Love you!

  14. DaveJ721 says:

    Ah, but Bin Laden was in Pakistan and WE GOT HIM! :)

  15. viperrcm0214 says:

    We got him now!

  16. Jonathan Perkins says:

    Great. Top-rated comment on this video, and had nothing to do with the articles of impeachment. He was impeached for lying to a grand jury, not Congress.

  17. cryolithic says:

    lulz at the butthurt republitards

  18. Lovetto314 says:

    Definitely covered more than the past 10 years :-P


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