Why The Republicans Have No Heart (And Democrats Have No Balls) – Politics Informer Video

Ze Frank presents: Understanding Politics — The Emperor Music: “French Blues,” The Joy Drops soundcloud.com

17 Responses to “Why The Republicans Have No Heart (And Democrats Have No Balls) – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Nope Haha says:

    More liek, the two party system was created so the rubes could be busy taking sides while the central planners do their dirt with ease.

  2. dylan sloth says:

    that is awesome, is that zefrank?

  3. TheSamigee says:

    Emporer: Donkey, I’m taking your balls. Elephant: Haha, you’re a donkey with no ba||s. Emporer: Elephant. Elephant: Oh crap. Lol’d hard.

  4. Jane Doe says:

    Hey Kobe Bryant! I think you should stop trying to impersonate a rapist. If you had a heart, you wouldn’t be acting like such a dick.

  5. WaffleHeros says:

    Kobe Bryant- that’s low, you suck

  6. Jake schiller says:

    i don’t want the donkey’s balls O_o

  7. king13alg19 says:


  8. kevyster says:

    Give me back my heart,lol

  9. Mark F says:


  10. azurillkirby says:

    Oh Ze, you know how to get me in the right mood.

  11. Kobe Bryant says:

    Democraps have no heart or balls. They hate a fetus more than a terrorist, but they still cry like a baby when you beat them.

  12. strongmommy says:

    Soooooooooooo true.

  13. Nick Cluxton says:

    Finally! Someone who realizes both sides are wrong!

  14. gfoot99 says:

    chill bro chill

  15. BurningMarmite says:

    Arent u zefrank1??

  16. thrisbt1 says:

    don’t remember ever yielding power to or even recognizing the power of any “emperor of politics”, he can go and incestously fuck himself …as for the parties, the people are supposed to be the parties …you don’t like em? you need ask yourself but one question …dafuck you doin’ to change em? don’t let the parties make you, you make them.

  17. adoraonuogu says:

    This makes complete sense1


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