States Rights: Republicans To Use ‘Segregation Tactics’ To Defy ‘Obama Gun Laws’ – Politics Informer Video

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  1. deetjay1 says:

    I was in error…I though it was going back to the NINETEENTH century the GOP had hoped to go on NOV 6, 2012..Turns out it was the EIGHTEENTH they crave to brave…It’s official…The GOP can NOT avoid becoming completely IRRELEVANT…

  2. SunnySide2000 says:

    Check out the video: My Argument To “Assaults Weapons Ban” by Peidmonte89 it’s funny along with washingtoncapitals10 comments! Later

  3. Guernicaman says:

    And by your username, I am sure you are most definitely definitely delusional.

  4. mintvagoo says:

    I can’t wait for Clown rand paul, to run in 2016… let this Idiot explain why he supports “white only” restaurants. If the GOP religious Cult, had a “RACE” problem ( as ALL exit polls show) with Unelectable mitt romney, just wait until 2016…LMAO!!!

  5. SunnySide2000 says:

    Oh really what is his sons name? Ayn? Ronbot?

  6. SunnySide2000 says:

    They were off the cliff before fiscal cliff was invented! It is amusing cuz it bugs them when someone can make their own conclusions based on logic, reason & facts. That is why they live in a alternate universe! You think Darth Vader lives in it? Cuz the force is with us!

  7. mintvagoo says:

    Kook rand” Toupee” paul, is NOT leader, and why his Underage, Violent, Alcoholic son is facing Assault chargers…

  8. SunnySide2000 says:

    Ran Paul called Obama a “King”! WTF? I thought it was a SNL skit but when I saw it was really Rand( the hairpiece tells us all, so bad, hair club for men should be sued!) I immediately thought an elected official using KING? It’s was hysterical, why don’t they just say they are racist & don’t like Obama?

  9. mintvagoo says:

    LOL! conservatism is a mental illness… they’re bat-shit Crazy 24/7.

    It’s a game for me,I just want to push the Unhinged teaBaggers and their elected representatives further right.. right of a cliff.

  10. SunnySide2000 says:

    Okay so Mitt’s pollsters were correct? He honestly believed they were. Nate Sliver used math to figure out the election outcome. If the country excepted the GOPs platform then how did Obama win? The GOP tried oppressing voting in areas that were DEM, that was on all media outlets, including newspapers & articles. All one has to do is read several? I’m sick of the right wing using the media as a reason they don’t win. Any rational citizens would understand this. Add social media to the mix.

  11. SunnySide2000 says:

    I go out of my house in public to run errands, sleep, enjoy life. Then the next day log on YT & see the same Cray-Cray’s left comments the same time I was enjoying life! Do they ever leave the computer? Holy Mad Cow Disease! They’re on the comp. watching Faux at the same time speaking to Gaud with the Buy-Bowl close by. I’m a sure that is what our founding fathers wanted us to do! LMAO

  12. mintvagoo says:

    I’m not just a Liberal “gun grabber,” I want their toasters, too.

  13. SunnySide2000 says:

    LMAO! Then I guess they’ll take Ted Nugget & Meatloaf’s old famous vinyls? You think these paranoid poor souls are barricaded in their homes peeping out the window? LMAO

  14. RepublicansAreNazis says:

    NoToSocialism, you sound like a fucking idiot with a gun !

  15. john handcock says:

    have you ever read the Federalist Papers ,our founding fathers intended for the people to be armed as well as the American foot soilder.
    this is not about gun control it is about THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.
    as for kicking rocks you talk real big boy behind that keyboard,why don’t you come on down here to Louisiana and do some killen and grillen with some of us good old boys..

    American By Birth Southern By The Grace Of GOD

  16. NoToObamaSocialism says:

    That is so very deep! “The founding fathers didn’t have high powered weapons!” So please define a low powered weapon. Almost every gun now sold is a high powered weapon, unless you’re talking about BB guns or 22 caliber. Your argument completely disintegrates due to illogic.

  17. NoToObamaSocialism says:

    With words like “governor dipshit” I am sure that you are definitely in the liberal elite. You must be highly educated…a valedictorian amongst liberals. Your intellectual superiority is just breath-taking!


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