Tea Party! America Thanks You! (A DC Douglas Tweak) – Politics Informer Video

Voice over by DC Douglas www.DCDouglas.com READ www.DCDouglas.com WATCH: www.DCDouglas.com __________________________________________ Actor, voice over artist and part-time Tea Party gadfly, DC Douglas, released a video over the weekend thanking the Tea Party for its contributions to the debt ceiling debate. Immediately upon it’s release, his video took on even greater meaning. Though the video’s release occurred at roughly the same time that Standard & Poor’s credit downgrade for the US became official – it was mere coincidence. The Twitterverse, however, picked up on the video’s sentiment and began forwarding it to friends as way of expressing their displeasure regarding the Tea Party’s perceived hand in the credit downgrade. Salon.com’s editor, Joan Walsh, retweeted the video Sunday and then returned a half hour later, writing, “Still laughing at @DC_Douglas Tea Party thank you. Ending Social Security will let seniors share their wisdom with the homeless!” Online websites such as Daily Kos, Crooks & Liar’s Video Cafe, The Immoral Minority, Veracity Stew, and Political Irony began posting it as part of the larger national narrative that links the Tea Party’s intransigence during the debt ceiling negotiations to the credit downgrade. Apparently this is not without some merit. In Standard & Poor’s statement, they wrote “[T]he downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking and political institutions have weakened
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  1. Every time i watch this video i think to myself – why are they soo fuckin stupid =/

  2. lol x2

  3. You never doubt the Tea party’s love of country

  4. Teabaggers: unpaid corporate lobbyists. Now that’s dumb!

  5. Excellent video. Couldn’t have been said any better.

  6. You mean the 99% of us?

  7. let kansas take a break from trying so hard

  8. @lovecraftis1
    Really? okay… but that wasn’t liberty you just drank.

  9. I guess they didn’t hide it very well!
    Just kidding! Pretending to to be Indians (Mohawk) was not their main intent. Not only did the costumes actually draw attention but they were also obviously costumes. If only concealing their identities was the intent, ratty cloths and wearing a low hanging hat would have been easier to get and would’ve worked even better. At the time, Indians and certain Indian based items were popular as symbolic of liberty.

  10. @lovecraftis1
    Why? Your average Tea Party member is a proud loyal citizen who fealty without questioning divine right of Ki…..oh wait. I’m sorry I have the wrong country here.
    “Brain dead sheep” is a good description.
    The Sons or Liberty, crazy as they were, still had enough sense to see why LOW taxes were bad! It’d be funny if it wasn’t so depressing that this new group against taxes that’ve named themselves after a movement opposed to the new LOW TAX!

  11. Tea Party=Skipping work on a Thursday to attend the rally protesting your boss’ 2% tax increase
    Tea Party=Hating big government services and enjoying your Medicare and Social Security benefits
    Tea Party=Participating in a “grassroots” movement sponsored and organized by corporate money and lobbyists
    Tea Party=Protesting Obama’s “extreme” tax hikes when Obama didn’t raise taxes and cut taxes for 95% of Americans
    Tea Party=Calling yourself a Tea Bagger and expecting others to take you seriously

  12. @lovecraftis1
    I’m not sure my post was very clear, I meant thank you tea party for you support of my right granted by the US that allows me to shoot you (as in tea party idiots) on my property.
    Most of those folks bother me; they’re like an illogical Jeffersonian/Sons of liberty hybrid on crack.

  13. @lovecraftis1
    Thank you tea party for supporting my right to shoot you if ya don’t

  14. This is excellent… and true too. lol

  15. They dressed up like Native Americans to do their dirty deed.  The devil always disguises his wickedness pretending to be someone or something else!


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