Krauthammer On 40th March For Life: “They’ll Be Out There Marching For Another 40 Years”

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This is a remarkable development. Forty years, Americans have turned out in the freezing cold, today in the hundreds of thousands, because of a decision that was made by the Supreme Court that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal Supreme Court justice, once said 'prevented a stable resolution of the issue.'

Regardless of how you feel on the issue, this is the worst way to resolve this issue. It was changing at the time. Reagan had signed the most liberal abortion law, as Governor, in the country. We would've been, today, at a point where states would have worked it out, a messy compromise with a patchwork of laws. Instead, we have a roadblock, people feel that they can't affect a decision that they ought to affect, and that's why you have Americans out on the street. It should not be that way, but they'll be out there marching for another 40 years.

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