Ron Paul’s Congressional Farewell Speech – C-SPAN 11/14/2012 – Politics Informer Video

To achieve liberty and peace, two powerful human emotions have to be overcome. Number one is “envy” which leads to hate and class warfare. Number two is “intolerance” which leads to bigoted and judgmental policies. These emotions must be replaced with a much better understanding of love, compassion, tolerance and free market economics. Freedom, when understood, brings people together. When tried, freedom is popular. The problem we have faced over the years has been that economic interventionists are swayed by envy, whereas social interventionists are swayed by intolerance of habits and lifestyles. The misunderstanding that tolerance is an endorsement of certain activities, motivates many to legislate moral standards which should only be set by individuals making their own choices. Both sides use force to deal with these misplaced emotions. Both are authoritarians. Neither endorses voluntarism. Both views ought to be rejected. I have come to one firm conviction after these many years of trying to figure out “the plain truth of things.” The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people world-wide, is to pursue the cause of LIBERTY. If you find this to be a worthwhile message, spread it throughout the land. Full Speech Transcript: My Channel: Fair Use Disclaimer: This video may contain copyrighted material. This material is made available for educational, research, and news reporting purposes only
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  1. Its nice to be here Chris, other than the injustice and obvious decay of any realistic view of society, its kinda nice to be at the end of the road…I am ready to face it. Shit or get off the pot! thats what I say. Lets get this over with.

  2. Ron Paul dropping truth bombs since he came into office. The actions and legislation of at least since paul came into office. It’s true that the main stream media can make or break a president and alienate and cut down a true politician like Ron Paul  I hope we wake up soon

  3. I lost all hope in this country the day BHO got reelected that proved to me that there really iis a secret society that are in total control of our govt. btw this is not directed toward BHO, I believe now more than ever that BOTH parties have been consumed by greed and lost sight of what really matters.

  4. Notorious Machiavelli · Edit

    I am graduating from college this semester and I am seriously considering a move to Texas. Any state that keeps such a badass in congress for so long is really attractive!

  5. Your so focused on his fan base, every celebrity has psychos who fall in love with them, all Ron Paul ever tried to do was to wake up the people to the incredible debt and the fact that pushing that debt off on future generations was not going to solve any of our current problems. But were still sinking and all you people want is to be right and call out the “crazies”. Take some accountability for your own lives and worry about feeding and protecting your families.

  6. This is a SAD day!!! This mess is so old its just impossible to change! Andrew Jackson was the last president to keep us out of dept and the global bankers control! Unless this changes soon you might want to just pray for the second coming.

  7. Tips to lose? Tips to not pass any meaningful legislation in a 30-year career? Tips to abolish Roe v. Wade?

    How about calling someone else for help in language, distinguishing between:

    Rhetoric v. Vision?

    Performance Art v. Getting Shit Done.

    His son has demonstrated worse promise. But $180k salary plus expenses to further gridlock through inconsistent ideological sound bites?

    Oh, wait. You suddenly want to be a politician. I get it now. I’m so gullible. I hate it when I’m gullible.

  8. Ron Paul: “Bring back the Gold Standard”.

    In a 1962 episode of The Andy Griffith Show, the wonderfully anti-Alpha Deputy Barney Fife, spills the beans. A U.S. Treasury truck carrying GOLD will pass right through Mayberry, only stopping for gas & guard shift.

    A big crowd gathers to welcome, well, the gold!

    In the crowd, a man holding a sign has come to honor the gold & protest: Bring Back The Gold Standard!

    And that . . . was fifty (50) years ago.

    Ron Paul: Fun guy. For nostalgia sake.

  9. All the rabid Ron Paul fans that have posted on YT forums w/their devotion for Paul as POTUS, or damned be America.

    But, the big majority of Ron Paul fans never came any GOP Primaries TO VOTE.

  10. Break the federal drug law and drink your own homemade whiskey or buy some from that house up the road with the red, white and blue painted mailbox. Salud.

    Drugs? Now c’mon, how hard is it to find some good quality unconstitutionally-illegal drugs?

    Research the Departments of Energy, Education, Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services. Then imagine all of them wiped off the slate. If you did the research 1st, you might find a better answer.

  11. I’m not wrong. Neo-Nazis , Antisemites, unreasonable libertarian anarchists, conspiracy theorists, and religious fanatics ALL LOVE Ron Paul.

    Moderate Ron Paul supporters are embarrassed by all this & try to downplay the fringe elements Ron Paul attracts, or they try and say that the fringe groups are irrelevant.

    The extremists will actually defend their libertarian lunacy, conspiracy theories, antisemitism & even their religious fanaticism even though I explicitly don’t believe in ANY OF IT


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