Republicans Search for an Electoral Path Forward After Obama Victory – Elections 2012 – Politics Informer Video

TimesCast Politics: Republicans search for an electoral path forward. | Changes in store for Obama’s cabinet in the second term. | Will Republicans and Democrats be able to compromise?
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22 Responses to “Republicans Search for an Electoral Path Forward After Obama Victory – Elections 2012 – Politics Informer Video”

  1. james1200 says:

    18% of the American population says they support the Tea Party while 65% say they have a negative view of the Teabaggers. It’s over. Bury the Tea Party or America will bury the GOP (though to be honest, it’s probably over for the GOP anyway but at least give yourself a fighting chance by bringing back the moderates you’ve ejected over the past decade.)

  2. rubshop30 says:

    I’m a hispanic Republican I told them that they are wrong on immigration! I was right, I called radio talk show, they didn’t listen to me. Hate never wins! Hitler killed himself, all the power he gained just to go to hell. Hell Hitler!

  3. DillonDee1 says:

    They need to get rid of the Tea Party maniacs.

  4. xerakis says:

    Shut up, go get a job and stop waiting for handouts you loser, produce something besides hot-air. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. ColonelPandabear says:

    No, you’re just borderline illiterate and unable to communicate at an adult level. It would be pointless refuting your drivel because you live in a self-supporting bubble where conflicting facts are ignored and you continue to pummel a straw man of your own creation.

  6. xerakis says:

    LOL, what I thought, I win, go learn some basic economics and then we can chat some more. Pathetic!!

  7. ColonelPandabear says:

    *Poor comma usage.

    Again, if you’re going to pretend you’re smarter than someone else take a minute to sound like you graduated the sixth grade. You get an F, see me after class.

  8. xerakis says:

    Yea and you need some basic understanding of the tax code and more importantly economics in the real world sporto, its guys like you who live off of the production and risk of others and then have the temerity to bitch that your not getting enough. Try growing up and living in reality or if its too scary and hard for you, go live in europe with the rest of the weak sisters. Instead of focusing on redistribution we should be focusing on production which is what creates wealth. Your a child.

  9. ColonelPandabear says:

    No one pays today’s rates either, there are still loopholes. The tax rates were still significantly higher after loopholes then than they are now.

    Before you call someone else a dumbass you might want to work on your ability to communicate coherently. You need some elementary school lessons on sentence structure, and apparently some elementary school lessons on manners as well.

  10. xerakis says:

    hey dumbfuck , NO ONE paid those rates there were loop holes galore …do you think any smart business man is gonna pay .60 or more on the dollar to the govt. are you that much of an idiot ?? No one paid those rates, if they did they were out of business…you know NOTHING about real life economics or business…NOTHING. I own businesses and would NEVER pay the govt. 40% , so you need to get your head out of the books and start a business, take risk and understand reality. Got it dumbass!

  11. ColonelPandabear says:

    It did work here. Stop typing your barely coherent replies to me and go look up the tax rates on the top bracket in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

  12. xerakis says:

    LOL…typical smug lib..why not move to europe with the rest of the weak sisters and live out your utopian dream cause it ain’t working here and you know it. I’ll say it again all liberal policies will fail as they are in the middle of doing right now all over europe and here , they are just at different points of collapse.

  13. ColonelPandabear says:

    You weren’t being sarcastic, you were attempting (badly) to make a point and it was refuted. Now you retreat rather than admitting you were wrong and give a straw man you created a beating rather than addressing any actual liberal positions.

    Grow up a little, and learn to communicate.

  14. xerakis says:

    guess you missed my sarcasm…of course most things go over you libs heads, I guess guys like me just can’t make it without your guidannce and governance, what with making sure we give our money to you so you can do all the right things with it, thanks for taking time out of your lives to show us the correct path and lead us into the land of plenty where scarcity is non existent, you guys are the best!!!  LOL fucking pathetic!

  15. ColonelPandabear says:

    I imagine most things based in reality would be news to you, unfortunately.

    Education was in the hands of government at the time, yes. Healthcare, energy, and housing are still in the hands of the free market. You have no idea what you’re talking about, and should educate yourself a little before spouting more nonsense.

  16. xerakis says:

    wow…..ok , so the Republicans wanted a huge Federal govt. to take over education, healthcare , energy, housing…..??? Ok news to me.

  17. ColonelPandabear says:

    Except they don’t. Look at America’s golden age from the late 40s to the early 70s. No, stop typing and go look at what the tax rates were. The country has shifted far right from where it used to be and has suffered enormously because of it. The Democrats of today are the moderate Republicans of yesteryear. Eisenhower would be called a commie in today’s right wing.

  18. EmberwildeProd says:

    Hahah all that’s left, based on your advice, is for them to change their names to Democrats.

  19. xchanticochulox says:

    If Hillary Runs they can forget about 2016 and think about 2024 not 2016

  20. xchanticochulox says:

    they need to higher you as the strategist. If they would have listened to this advise which was given to them many times they would have won.

  21. nevhap says:

    The GOP and those that support them were so sure they would slaughter Obama at the polls they cant believe he beat them again. HAHAHAHA
    It is enjoyable to watch how angry and flabbergasted they are that they lost, and there is absolutely nothing that they can do about it. 2015 will be our turn to get rid of an unwanted Government.

  22. xerakis says:

    no , you want the Conservative opposition to go away, the problem is that the liberal policies enacted today will fail eventually (as they always do) and the only alternative to doing things right will be Conservativism….


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