Netanyahu was wrong about Iraq having nuclear weapons – Politics Informer Video

So what makes him think he is right about Iran developing nuclear weapons? Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on September 12 2002. The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is the main investigative committee in the US House of Representatives. Israeli Perspective on Conflict with Iraq
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19 Responses to “Netanyahu was wrong about Iraq having nuclear weapons – Politics Informer Video”

  1. Donny Glass says:

    You are looking at the face of what should be considered the worlds most wanted terrorist.

  2. Abdulkarim Jimale says:

    He is an idiot! He cannnot fight alone with even the smallest country in the East! he always wants to make enemies for America! what a moron!

  3. TPLiberal says:

    Where does Netanyahu say that Iraq had nuclear weapons? I didn’t hear that statement a single time. Do you have a video where Netanyahu says Iraq has nuclear weapons but posted this video by mistake?

  4. PCMontreal says:

    “No question that Sadam is working toward having a nuclear weapon”… And apparently, no proof either. Not one iota of proof was ever offered or even insinuated. Sad.

  5. pac mac says:

    DISCUSTING … If he gets his way with Iran .. MILLIONS of Israelis will die and thats EXACTLY what this mafioso wants .. This Animal War Monger should be jailed in The Hague !!!!

  6. Redbaron9495 says:

    Netanyahu is compulsive liar….a warmonger.
    Unfortunately the silly American Govts tend to believe him….hence illegal 2003 Iraq invasion.
    I’m glad Obama is taking a step back and not allowing Netanyahu to influence him….otherwise he’ll lead the US into an all out war with Iran in no time at all.

  7. Yahya76 says:

    Check out Sheikh Imran Hosein’s assessment of the hadith about antichrist/dajaal and how it relates to Britain/USA/Israel. It’s quite compelling stuff and pretty hard to deny it, in my opinion. And Allah knows best. A clue to support his theory is the Israeli flag itself (“from the Nile to Euphrates”) or ‘Eretz Israel, as Zionazis call it. It’s becoming clearer each day who the warmongers and enemies of peace really are.

  8. Yahya76 says:

    So… it’s ok for “Israel” to have nukes but nobody else has that right, especially Muslims, yeah ? Remind me again, who is Mordechai Vanunu and why is he well-known in the world, hmmm ? Remind me again, which so-called nation was it who assasinated Iranian scientists ? Which so-called nation stole the identities of European tourists and used those I.D.’s to enter a country illegally, assassinate a father in broad daylight, and deny all of it, hmmm ?

    Here’s a clue:

    It wasn’t Palestine.

  9. Micah Dembo says:

    I listened to all these videos. There is not a single one of them in which the guy says Sadaam *has* nuclear weapons. All he said is that Sadaam *wants* nuclear weapons and is trying hard to get them. He points out that he would already have them if not for the Israeli strike on the Iraqi reactor back in 1987 or so. So implicitly he is saying that Sadaam does *not* have the weapons yet. So to make a long story short this video is nothing but a crude hatchet job.

  10. Adnan Kabir says:

    He lied , right to the face of the US government. and he got away with it.Damn you Netanyahu damn you to hell.

  11. dht20 says:

    That was based on The csi informer.

  12. Ibrahim Khan says:

    what a joke netanyahu is, and this is the same liar that is the current prime minister of israel

  13. Ibrahim Khan says:

    no one claimed he was the sole reason for the iraq war; ask yourself a question now (“since I assume you have a brain”) who is leading the charge for war against Iran? Did you not seen Bibi’s ridiculous bomb drawing at the U.N.? Netanyahu and the Israeli government are pushing hard for a U.S. war with Iran and they are using the same lines they used against Iraq.

  14. Spitfire995 says:

    He makes me so fucking angry I just wanna punch the screen whenever I see his face.

  15. John Thompson says:

    N. wasn’t wrong. He simply lied. He lies all the time. He could still learn a thing or two from Rabin, but let’s face it: fascism is a much easier sell these days, and the American Establishment are almost Nazi-esque in their naivety.

  16. Deniz Ok says:

    Lying piece of shit scumfuck..

  17. Artemis R says:

    How do you know? It’s not like intelligence agencies are 100% always right.

  18. YASIN ispac says:


  19. notsydbarrett says:

    The war in Iraq had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction & had everything to do with Saddam Hussein trading oil in currencies other than the U.S. Dollar. This is just smoke and mirrors to justify an attack to save the U.S. Dollar. Now go back to sleep America. we’ve got your back.


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