Hope Drunk Time Machine Barack Obama Inauguration – Politics Informer Video

Follow Luke @ www.twitter.com This is never before seen footage of Luke Rudkowski at the 2009 inguaration of Barack Obama. In the belly of the beast Washington DC and at the height of Obama’s popularity, Luke decided to go one on one with his supporters in an attempt to warn them for things to come. Support us by subscribing here bit.ly Check out our merchandise at wearechange.org Become a member of The Sponsor Lounge and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us grow! Join us today! http:///www.wearechange.org/donate
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23 Responses to “Hope Drunk Time Machine Barack Obama Inauguration – Politics Informer Video”

  1. aCorpseonthePiano says:

    all these people who say theyre going to research it, what a load of shit..

  2. CaptainSnuggleButt says:

    You guys should research ‘Obama being Akhenaten’.

  3. IronReaver89 says:

    Did that stupid bitch just say build a bear? LOL what a bunch of idiots, these morons worship obama like he’s Jesus Christ without actually looking into who he really is. We are witnessing the collapse of our nation before our very eyes & the sheeple are too stupid & braindead to see it.


    Obama is a bitch

  5. strugglebuggietv says:

    voting is 4 sheeple…
    bah hahahahhaahh

  6. Flashbangb4 says:

    I know plenty about Obama and Romney. I would never vote for either one. Nor did I.

  7. gallen2101 says:

    We’re doing exactly what the Ruling Powers want: take a look at these posts….we are calling names, fighting with each other, just pawns in the game,,,,,smh

  8. gallen2101 says:

    i nor u know “nothing” about Either man, agree?

  9. sniper987 says:

    This guy was 100% right lol

  10. TigOlBitties77 says:

    He’s no longer a politician, but a religious figure. But do you hear the way they talk? I’ve heard people talk about Christ like that in church. But these people don’t have a bible to read, they just live on blind faith.

  11. jench78 says:

    You can see that this guy’s interview and questioning techniques have gotten better through the years…

  12. Trevor Yerman says:

    I now feel dumber having watched this… seriously. “Build a bear?”

  13. Areopagitican says:

    What do these people do with their spare time? Stare at blank walls?

  14. MrOlsen93 says:

    except the facts for fucks sake! stop thinking politicians care about you! they don’t give a fuck about you!

  15. Randy Romero says:

    fucking black people only vote for him because he is black.. ignorant sheep

  16. Flashbangb4 says:

    That’s just it. You shouldn’t be voting at all. You know nothing about the man.

  17. DREwestcoast says:

    3:16 this lil nig’s like: ”why you skullfucking my momma?! =,(”

  18. Kronicilln3ss says:

    Wooow what idiots when was this I should have looked at the date if it’s 2nd term then these people or sheep are fools what now with drone strikes I’m sure he’s also behind most of the news we hear like dorner and that lapd thing them just open fire on anyone lookin for black male in black van they shoot blue pickup with 2white female WTF then sandyhook all other mass shootings all the vets now enemies killin themselves or being shot 22 a day ya he promised change but never promised positive ch

  19. gallen2101 says:

    showed u ??? I don’t vote in that GAME of politics at all, and if you make generalizations about a people or things based on a few you will never stand up to an intelligent debate or exchange of info.

  20. healthhavencom says:

    Is there such a thing as dumber than dumb?

  21. Flashbangb4 says:

    You showed me! LOL! Roboma!

  22. gallen2101 says:

    U R Wrong mi friend! Sorry, just wishful thinking on your part but nothing can be further from Truth.

  23. gallen2101 says:

    I wish u well. I see you are on an intellectual journey..


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