Dean: Reid’s Credibility “In Some Trouble” After Romney Releases Taxes

KERNEN: Governor, my first question is you've seen these now "” my very first question, I'm going to ask this a lot tonight. You've got a guy in society who paid $ 2 million in taxes, gave $ 4 million to charity. Should we, A) wish we had more guys like this in society or B) wish we didn't have any guys like this in society? Is he a net positive if you pay $ 2 million in taxes? His overall rate on what he either gave to charity or taxes is about 40 percent. Governor, good or bad?

DEAN: That's not the issue. The issue is how truthful is he and the problem is he did go back and manipulate the tax rate list in the past year. And NBC ran a clip on the evening news tonight of him saying "” I don't know, last July or something"¦

KERNEN: Is that right? I know where you're going.

DEAN: "¦'if I paid more taxes than I should have I'm not qualified to be president.' Well, he did.

KERNEN: So he paid more, so you guys are going to now nail him on paying more taxes than he had to when he just stays within the law and pays what he's supposed to pay by law? You don't like that and you accuse him of evasion and paying no taxes; now that he paid less than he had to, now you'll get him on that? That's a gotcha moment, Howard?

DEAN: The issue is his credibility. He should have showed the tax returns.

KERNEN: How's Harry Reid's credibility at this point?

DEAN: I'd say it's in some trouble, but I'd say Mitt's not out of the woods yet.

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