Maher To Democrats: “This Is The Time” To Hold Obama’s Feet To The Fire

Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time, told Current's Eliot Spitzer now is the time for liberals to turn their fire toward President Obama and make him focus on enacting their agenda.

"I think everything he didn't do that we wanted him to do in the first term were things he knew he couldn't do because his plate will full with so many other things," Maher said on Spitzer's show.

Maher says he decided not to attack Obama for failing to act on promises because he didn't want to muddy the waters during such a crucial contest.

"We've had our fun with Republicans, but the point I'm going to try to make is: Look, we stood shoulder to shoulder with you for at least the last six months because I, personally anyway, didn't want to muddy the waters," Maher said. "In a country with you only get two choices, and one was clearly the superior choice, I didn't want people to be having doubts whether they should vote for Obama versus Mitt Romney, that was not a choice at all. But that election is over. The conservatives are worse, but the conservatives lost. And now, now is the time for progressives, and I mean you, I mean me, I mean everybody at MSNBC."

However, he now says "this is the time" to push Obama.

"We can obsess about every stupid thing that conservatives do, and they will keep doing stupid things. But really what we need to do, I think, is turn our attention to the president and hold his feet to the fire on those issues. Like, getting out of Afghanistan; civil liberties; stopping the drug war; climate change. These are issues where he was not able to do — I'm sure as much as he wanted to do in the first term — but look, he has no more elections to run. If not now, when? This is the time," Maher concluded.

Maher shared this will be the topic of his editorial comment at the end of his season finale, this week on HBO's Real Time.

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