Zakaria: “There Isn’t Actually A War” In Gaza, It’s “One-Sided” & Israel Will Win

CNN's Piers Morgan: It feels like war out there. We have seen these scenes interrupting with regularity. What makes it, perhaps, more dangerous, and clarify this for me? Is the fact you have so much instability around Israel at the moment. Egypt, we don't really know what's going on there with the Muslim Brotherhood. You have Syria up in flames, and so on. It's a dangerous cocktail, isn't it?

FAREED ZAKARIA: That's precisely it, Piers. There isn't actually a war going on in Gaza, by which I mean if there is a war it's a very one-sided war. The Israelis will win. They have massive superiority, they've done this before and the Hamas will fire rockets and can keep firing them but these are very ineffective. They don't do much damage to the Israelis. They cause the Israeli civilians to cower in fear and understandably is something the Israelis have to react to. But the danger here is that Egypt and Israel had a peace treaty that was the cornerstone of regional stability.

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