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US Elections 2012: 'Obamacare means my child has health insurance'

US Elections 2012: ‘Obamacare means my child has health insurance’ Four years after they first met in Roanoke, Virginia, Obama supporter Chelsea Shinneman talks to Gary Younge about why she’s in favor of his re-election. Despite no longer being able to devote all her free time to the president’s campaign, Shinneman remains a supporter of the president and his policies. Her best example is her newborn baby, Harrison, who would not have been able to get health insurance if it were not for Obama’s affordable care act Subscribe HERE: For more on the 2012 US elections click HERE:

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  1. I think it’s ridiculous to belive that a health insurance is unnecessary.
    What ever you do, accidents could happen everywhere! It’s threatening your existence!
    For example, I life in Austria and it is absolutely obligatory to be state-insured. It’s unbeliveable to be not!

    Think about it there is a huge number of advantages being state-insured. It has also an impact of the job offer!
    So why people, especially rich people, are against for the health insurance? Think about it!

  2. Of course I agree with Chelsea and I also think that Obamacare would be extremely good.
    If he manages it to get a Healthcaresystem in the US that would be great!!
    I can understand her that she voted Barack Obama because maybe he makes sure that her child is better insured.
    Chelsea is a really good mother I think and because of this she says that it is really important to support the President.
    I mean…he could play a part in contributing to insure her child better and safe its life!! 😀

  3. That’s what happens when you have a Country that loves not God and certainly won’t obey Jesus. Truth TOLD – ALL Christians who proclaim their loyalty and obedience to their Yah the One God Creator who is the WORD who came in the flesh as christ – YOU – I am speaking to you – YOUR ONLY CHOICE in the vote was to WRITE-IN a Godly Candidate or Jesus, or to NOT VOTE – HOW – just how could you vote for ONE of TWO antiChrists – Tell me

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  5. I personally think that it would be the best that they combine their two great ideas. It is important to safe a life of a child with a controlled health system but it is also important that the most of Americans have good paid jobs, or even a job. I had read that the unemploymenent rat is on the lowest level since the history of Amerika. So I think Barack Obama has made a good job.

  6. What is more important? To save the life of a child or even a baby with a controlled health system or the chance to go to work and earn money for the family? I think that everyone can get a job if he or she is able to take any job he or she can get.. even if it is cleaning flats or toilettes – everything is better than living on the street. But if the US would get a social health system there would be new jobs!! Why not combine that two great ideas?? ;-D

  7. Government of the people, for the people and by the people means, that the PEOPLE have to come TOGETHER in unity and work for the better good of the country, instead of being divided and fight against each other. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

  8. I cant imagine a system with anything but free healthcare, but then again long waiting times on the NHS are a standard thing (eg. 10+ weeks to see a physiotherapist)


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