Mark Steyn Rips Media For Not Covering Assault On FOX News Contributor

"I think in fact it is the opposite, Neil, that a lot people are happy to give this impression," Steyn replied. "It is extremely valuable for people to understand that your guys mean it and you may want to play along because, otherwise, things are going to get very unpleasant for you. That is the message these guys are sending in Michigan. It's basically the domestic version of what you see in the Arab Spring. All of these protests against Morsi in Cairo were completely peaceful, then Muslim Brotherhood show up to protest and seven people die. There is always an advantage to the side that means it and to the side that is willing to apply the muscle. And that's why I don't think the unions are bothered about bad publicity over this at all. They understand the people get the core message."

"They are not because they understand "” I think this is an amazing decision in Michigan and if it goes this way across the country, it is very bad news," Steyn said. "And these guys will be at a tipping point, and they don't want to go that way. And so I think here you are seeing a glimpse of what the future is like as America gets broker and broker that you will see people prepared to do all kinds of things out there on the streets, and in that sense it's a portent of what could be a lot worse in two, three, four years, as America slides off the real fiscal cliff into the great abyss of bankruptcy that awaits. It's not going to be pretty."

(h/t Daily Caller)

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