FNC’s Political Insiders: Obama “Wants To Go Over The Cliff”

Doug Schoen, Pat Caddell and fmr. Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-NY) weigh in on the politics of fiscal cliff negotiations, the failed vote on Boehner's "Plan B" idea, the debt ceiling, the NRA and the Benghazi attack. The insiders agreed that President Obama wants to go over the cliff for political reasons. (via Johnny Dollar)

PAT CADDELL: There's a larger fiasco going on and it has to do with the president, the House, everyone, leadership. The inability in this society to get anything together — leadership — to get a solution to real problems, and it's just all politics. Boehner has really blown this up.


DOUG SCHOEN: Did you see what he said to Boehner last week? Which is I will go after you in the State of the Union and in the inaugural if you don't come along. Not, 'I have a plan that the American people want.' So, I really think he wants to go over the cliff.


LEBOUTILLIER: If Obama thinks the Republicans are going to get all of the blame for going over the cliff — they will get a lot of the blame "¦ he's going to get more than he realizes. He is supposed to be seen as the president of everybody, that he can get this thing done. And if he can't get it done after being reelected, he is going to be hurt by this more than people realize.

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