Krauthammer: Obama Has “Never Shown An Iota Of Interest” In Debt Reduction

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I would look, not at his associates, or appointees, but just at his behavior. He didn't do anything on debt in the first two years, except rack it up. A trillion a year. And then he appoints a commission, which gave excellent recommendations — the idea of tax reform, entitlement reform, in detail, completely ignores it and he demagogues the other party throughout the election.

And now he has a second term where he can do anything he wants. And what he said last night is, 'I'm not interested in cutting spending. I'm going to increase it with investments and I'm going to increase taxes even more.'

I mean, he has never shown an iota of interest in actually doing some debt reduction, and with interest rates at zero, maybe he thinks he can go through a second term without changing or attacking the deficit. (Special Report Online, January 2, 2013)

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