Selling Chuck Hagel

“The plan, according to administration officials, is to cast Hagel as a
war veteran, a Republican who still shares ideals with a party that has
largely shunned him, and — above all else — someone who won’t set
official U.S. policy,” BuzzFeed reports.

“The White House’s strategy seeks to sell Hagel as a technocrat with
an impeccable record of military service whose only sin against the GOP
in the Senate was his opposition to the Iraq war — a conflict that is
now immensely unpopular. Once that image is articulated to the public,
an administration official said, Obama will dare Republicans to vote
against him.”

Mark Halperin: “The two most important senators in this nomination right now are
McConnell and McCain. If Hagel has their support, he should be home
free. If he loses one or both of them, and even a single Democrat, the
dynamics become more challenging for the White House.”

Full News here – Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

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