Buchanan: Obama “Claiming A Right To Execute Americans On Foreign Soil”

PAT BUCHANAN: The troubling aspect is this, look, if an individual joins al Qaeda, he's out there planting a bomb or he's involved in an attack on Americans, look, he's fair game, he's an enemy combatant. But what the Justice Department said is, look, high-ranking U.S. officials can pick out ranking operatives of al Qaeda who represent an imminent danger. And we killed one guy in Yemen, this al-Awlaki fellow, who was a propagandist for al Qaeda, but he was not a combatant, he was no imminent threat to the United States. He was an American citizen.

This is so loose and so nebulous, the president is basically claiming a right to execute Americans on foreign soil. We ought to define this a little bit closer. (McLaughlin Group, February 8, 2013)

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