Fournier: Cruz Signing Up For Obamacare “Not A Big Story;” Supporters Are Spinning This Into His Favor

ABBY HUNTSMAN, MSNBC: There has been a lot of Ted Cruz news this week since he announced the presidential campaign. He is the first to officially jump into the presidential pool. Do you think that all of this attention is a good thing for him? Do you think strategically it was the right move for him to make this announcement this early? RON FOURNIER, NATIONAL JOURNAL: I don't think it really matters. We have a long time to before there is actually — and the folks that support Cruz, the hard right, is ALREADY spinning this in his favor. So I don't think this hurts him with what really matters to him — a few votes in Iowa and speaking fees in 2017. JOSH BARROW, MSNBC: What do you make on the controversy on the Obamacare? It is really insane. Remember: This is what the law says. Members of Congress don't get federal employee health benefits any more and this is how they can sign up if they wives don't work for Goldman Sachs, which his wife doesn't any more. He has to follow this law whether he agrees with it or not. RON FOURNIER: I don't think it is a big story or even hypocrisy. It is kind of rich and ironic because here is a guy who has criticized Obamacare. I like that clip about green eggs and ham. I saw Paul Begala on CNN made a comment today that at the end of the story, the character tastes green eggs and ham and kind of likes it. Maybe that will happen with Cruz. Now he does have — and by the way way, the law doesn't require him to do it. Now any rational person isn't going outside of Obama care and pay for it out of their own pocket when they can get a government subsidy, because his employer is the government. And so we will help subsidize his health care, and he will have a great plan through the health care exchanges, and maybe he'll find out that Obamacare is better than he thought it was.

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