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Democrats’ Russian Fear-Mongering Takes a Dangerous Turn – Politics Video

The Democratic Party has quickly turned their anti-Russian hysteria into the left-wing version of Benghazi, and as a result of their repeated insistence that Trump take a more stronger stance towards Russia, we’re beginning to see that their rhetoric is having a dangerous influence on our unhinged, egotistical president. In this segment, we discuss how President Trump is trying to assuage concerns that he’s a Russian “puppet” by escalating tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

Democrats (& Trump) Grow Exponentially More Hawkish Towards Russia:

Democrat Equates Russian Hacking to War:

Russian Bank Hired John Podesta:

Trump Picks Lunatic to be NATO Ambassador:

Trump to Withdraw From U.S.-Russia Anti-Nuclear Treaty:…


Some local news is curated - Original might have been posted at a different date/ time! Click the source link for details.

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  1. Empire vs Empire, the dems are ironically fervent about this as much as any neocon nowadays.

  2. Agree with you on most things, but you lost me on this one. It's like you want to keep your head buried in the sand, and live in some fantasy world where everyone holds hands and sings "Kumbaya." Sorry, that's not the real world. Nah, Russia hasn't done anything, the Democrats are just fear mongering. Even Saint Bernie, who I love has said we have to get tougher on Russia. When you're to the left of Bernie Sanders, you have a problem.

  3. on point! Love how you didn't leave out Podesta and Uranium deal. Loving this channel!

  4. I think a lot of progressives simply have not looked into the Trump/Russia ties and are burying their heads in the sand, pretending there is no evidence. There is a ton of evidence out there. Why do progressives now sound like Republican Birthers who didn't believe Obama showed his birth certificate.. when it was available for anyone to see?
    There are files, and dossiers to look at online if you just google search it. Wikileaks and Guccifer have uncovered tons of connections between Trump's team members and Russia. It's all available for anyone to see, so why insist that there is no evidence?

    Here are the facts:1- Flynn lied to Congress about phone calls made to Russian diplomats. Why did he lie?
    2- Then Jeff Sessions lied about having discussions with Russian diplomats. Why did he lie about that?
    3- Manafort has long standing ties to Russia.
    4-Trump himself and his family, have ties to Russia, he borrowed money from Russian billionaires when American banks would no longer lend to him. Trump owes them, he is in debt to them.
    5-Rex Tillerson and Wilbur Ross also have ties to Russian oligarchs.
    6-Alfa Bank or Alfa Group provided Putin with political favors in exchange for legal and business favors. 80% of the DNS lookups on Trumps server came from thatt very same Alfa Bank.

    Fact 7: Russia wants to annex Ukraine, they already annexed Crimea. Russia wants to regain some of the countries that split from the USSR and get than back under the control of the Russian Federation. The USA was supposed to arm Ukraine to help them fight off Russia, Trump has already softened that stance, and may not arm them. Why? Why would Trump allow Russia to annex a sovereign nation like Ukraine? What then? What if Russia wants to take over other European countries? Will Trump stand by and let them?

    I could go on. But here's a good link to read through. And it provides links to articles, and evidence. To suggest there is nothing to investigate with regards to Russia and Trump is being willfully blind and ignorant.

  5. Its not hysteria if its true. I'm very frustrated with my fellow progressives for so easily dismissing this.

  6. If that isn't your last break with the Democrats I don't know what is.

  7. They need to let it go. Trump will sink himself without any assistance.

  8. Russia doesn't have the military capacity we do! WTF! Prove that statement…….

  9. Today's Russia isn't a Communist state, but a Neo-fascist state, an authoritarian oligarchy with imperial ambitions, which want to rebiuld their state with the borders of a former Soviet Russia. This regime strongly propagates Russian radical ethnic nationalism (they teach in schools that Russians are a master race send by god to protect "saint" Russian lands – and as Putin said to some kids recently Russian lands do not end anywhere) to build the support of Russian population for hybrid wars and for economic and military bullying of the neighboring countries. They use against Ukraine similar propaganda techniques as Nazi Germany against Poland in 1939. Without all this propaganda the war in Donbass wouldn't have happened! There's a lot of hypocrisy of Russian side on this matter because Russian speaking population in Eastern Ukraine exists only because of forced Russification on this territory and massive resettlements of Russian population from Russia to Ukraine and in other way around combined with a persecution of Ukrainian people for using and teaching of Ukrainian language which was initiated by Katherine the Great and ended just recently after Soviet Russia collapse.

    I can understand why massive military drills of Russian paratroopers a few miles of Polish border doesn't scare you, but for sure it's very disturbing picture for Polish people and for the inhabitants of Baltic States. Russian Federation has planned on September a massive military drills of 90.000 soldiers near Polish border. How you can compare this with 3.000 NATO troops in Poland?

    It's disgusting as hell to see so many self-proclaimed leftists get on this bandwagon of defending mass murders of Russia authoritarian oligarchy, which bombed hundreds of thousands of civilians in various countries during last decade. They criticize US government for doing the same thing, but if Russian regime committing war crimes its OK? Double standards!

    How you can say as a person who considers himself a leftist that: …"Americans should doing everything in their power to repair relations"… with a bloody authoritarian regime which bully their neighbours militarily and economically is beyond me! American leftist has lost contact with reality on Russian Federation lately. If you're leftists, I'm definitely not!

    And if you informing people about NATO troops in Poland and Baltic States you should also inform why they are there and what Russian military is doing in this region! – NATO troops definitely aren't there for a picnic. Otherwise it's not journalism, but a straight propaganda. Greetings from Europe.

  10. you're fucken retarded if you think they're equivalent.

  11. THIS IS A LONG MESSAGE, you have been warned.
    There are some things in this video that I wholeheartedly disagree with, though I presume it is perhaps due to you not having as much available knowledge rather than an intentional bias about the currently available evidence (given that you have said that you are 'willing' to change your opinion once the investigation finishes).

    First, I'll mention that I very much agree that the content of the leaked e-mails shouldn't be ignored. It's factually important that people not forget that the DNC did actually commit crimes.

    Now, things I disagree with:
    1. You appear to have a severe case of confirmation bias going on. You bring up singular incidents (for example, bringing up one case of Podesta having ties with Russia, and one case of Clinton having sort-of ties with Russia, and yet comparing it to a dozen major ties with Russia involving hundreds of millions of dollars that Trump has, and the dozens of ties and illegal lying that much of Trump's cabinet has had and done respectively, and that's JUST involving the stuff we do know about and is on the public record. You also only point toward that 'arming Ukraine' stance of a select number of Democrats halfway through last year as evidence that the Democrats are overly hard and hawkish on Russia). You're either dealing with a confirmation bias, or you're failing to explain yourself with enough evidence to back yourself up without coming off as having a confirmation bias.
    2. You appear to be underselling the evidence currently gathered involving detailed and in-depth information that is already present. While it may largely be circumstantial, if you don't simply take everything piecemeal, it paints a rather disturbing picture. As mentioned before, this is just involving the things that are available on the public record. You also seem to be ignoring the huge amount of stalling that the Trump administration is doing, the extremely unusual timing of various things (firing all Obama-era attorneys in the middle of a major corruption investigation into Trump's businesses, the ODNI which is currently Trump-controlled refusing to cooperate with the Russia investigation, cabinet interference in the investigations and refusal to release important information that should be available on the public record, etc).
    3. You're ignoring, as mentioned in 2, that Trump staffers and cabinet members are currently in important positions where they can interfere in the investigations, and have already willingly done so. In addition, there are multiple instances where Trump staffers are actually leading the investigations, which is why there are no White House-led investigations into Russia, but there ARE White House-led investigations into where the leaks are coming from. Why are they trying so hard to suppress the leaks if there's nothing impeachable?
    4. You're interpreting incidents from the perspective that Trump is ENTIRELY psychotic when they actually objectively fit into Putin's objectives. Trump wanting to withdraw from the START treaty is exactly the sort of thing Putin wants. Putin has publicly, on national television, stated that the United States should not interfere with Russia's plans because Russia has nuclear weapons. He said that without the slightest hint of irony or uncertainty. He has also taken on a program to modernize his nuclear delivery systems and missile interception abilities. Removing the US from the START treaty and thus cancelling it allows him to paint the US as the aggressor as he then proceeds to expand Russia's nuclear stockpile again.
    Starting a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine is ALSO what Putin wants. Putin's propaganda machine in Russia has consistently painted the past three years as being an all out Western attack on Russia. It claims the US caused Maidan, the US encouraged neo-Nazism in Ukraine, the US-backed Ukrainian government shot down MH17, anti-Putin campaigners in Russia are paid by the CIA, families of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are "foreign agents" if they speak out about it, the US created ISIL, the US kills thousands of civilians in Syria and Iraq (far more than Assad ever could), the US introduced the sanctions against food and consumer products, the UN/OSCE/HRW are controlled by NATO to lie about Russia (unless they catch NATO doing something), etc etc. First getting a stated incompetent into power in the US, and then having him confirm everything he's told the Russian people about the West will give Putin exactly what he wants: The means to stay in power in spite of Russia's massive economic stagnation and hemorrhaging government budgets. Returning the US to a Cold War mentality when, for the past three years, it hasn't been in one (in spite of Putin's media claiming it has been) is what Putin wants. The only better thing would be for the US to be slavishly dependent to him, but that'd never happen.
    I've had in-depth political discussions with people living in Russia on this subject for the past three years, throwing the Western and Russian perspectives back and forth.
    5. Arguing that "we don't want to cause a fight with a nuclear power" is also a rather shoddy argument. By that opinion, we should allow a country like Russia, China, India, Pakistan, or so forth to run roughshod over anything simply by virtue of their possession of WMDs. It implies that those countries without nuclear weapons are "the weak" at the mercy of "the nuclear strong". Yes, nuclear weapons are dangerous. Yes, Putin is smart to use them as a deterrent to prevent people from responding to what he does. But nuclear weapons do not grant unrestricted immunity. Mutually Assured Destruction was the only thing that kept the Cold War from going hot, and if the United States doesn't draw a line in the sand toward Russia where, if Russia crosses it, they'll threaten war…then Putin won't stop. There is no reason for him to stop right now, especially as he is a child of the Cold War, a product of KGB training and indoctrination, and an accomplished anti-democratic operative in East Germany. You're looking at this from the perspective of a guy hosting a pro-liberal talk show in the US, not from the perspective of a guy who was so successful at manipulation and so unabashedly anti-Western that he left the KGB as a colonel, and probably would've risen higher had the USSR not collapsed.
    6. Just like with the DNC e-mail leak, you shouldn't ignore what someone is saying just because they've done something bad. Just like reading the DNC e-mails was important in spite of it being a major leak, looking into the available Trump-Russia evidence is also important, even if you disagree with some of it.
    7. Finally, you ignore the likely reason why Democrats are doing this: Because this is the most likely avenue to find something that would allow for Trump to be impeached. Even if ties with Russia aren't sufficient enough, the blatant corruption is. And yes, I know that'd only lead to President Pence, but regardless, that has been the stated objective of much of the Democratic party and pro-Democrat media.

    Someone who hates both parties and supports Bernie Sanders, but doesn't believe in biasing myself against what someone has to say just because I don't like them.

  12. CTR seems to have released the flying monkeys for this one.

  13. Mike, your subscription numbers are creeping up to 100,00. AWESOME!

  14. Wow. You may be a sympathizer to Trump's situation but to take such a strong stance doesn't seem reasonable. Yes, the media has done it share of inflaming this situation — would you expect anything less? Yes, Democrats have been pushing for some investigations — however, many Republicans have come forward in concern for the hacking evidence by the FBI and said there is a real need to investigate all avenues of Russian connections to Russia. Trump has never been known for "above board" business dealings — in the 80s he was investigated for his ties to the Mob. He was seen having meals, etc. with these characters. I hope he's not brainwashing you. And let's be honest, if this were a Democratic President — Republicans would be in the process of indistinguishable them for treason or impeachment. They're always ready to pounce and to take issues to extreme!! Bill Clinton is a good example — Republicans went crazy to impeach him — spent enormous amounts of taxpayer money — all because a personal indiscretion. For god sake, Trump is blatantly using taxpayer dollars for extravagant vacations, having two homes, double the security — which all have to have rooms ( certainly billed to the gov.), he requested that a governmental dept be transfered to Trump Tower for his convenience — Bet he gets lease money from the gov. for that space. — must I go on.
    Yes, Trump is unstable. Haven't all of us suspected we would be in some type of war with this administration — even before he was elected? Who knows whom or what Trump is listening to. I, suspect, as you say he's out to prove that his Russian ties are harmless. No Way!!! There are many contributing factors feeding into his actions — especially the fear that an investigation will find business connections. Let's put three together: Putin is very angry about the sanctions + Putin reaches out to Tillerson for ideas of how they could save both their hides + Trump is contacted for a meeting = they all came up with the idea — that if Tillerson was put in as Secretary of State — it would give a more direct way to get sanctions lifted — Wala! The sanctions are taken off. I'm not sure of details, because am not familiar with how all that would work — but this process is taking place right in front of our faces!! Have you ever thought about all of them acting their parts to get to the final goal?
    A Cold War: You are probably only old enough to remember the wall being taken down. may be you are– and it was a great thing. I lived 30 years under the threat of the Cold War — and I be the first to say prevent it if you can. However, because I lived through that experience my perspective differs — Our country must do all it can to find out what the Russians are up too And to find out any collusion that may have taken place with Trump — Our President for God's sake!! I feel Trump could be more of a threat in collusion and sabotage to our country. You're not seeing the older Senators sit back — on both sides of the isle — they want to know. Trump's crazy, Putin crazy — a bad situation all around — but I think they would both hold off due to previous agreements — unless, of course, Trump reniges on the deal. Yes, it's scary, but we have to keep our heads about us.

  15. After the Vault 7 leaks, everyone should now realize that Russia isn't the one that hacked the DNC it was the CIA. The tools released to Wikileaks shows that they can manipulate the source of an attack to whatever country they want. The CIA tanked the Hillary campaign for a reason, probably because they knew how corrupt she was and knew that controlling Trump would be much easier.

  16. Damn Mike! Some damn fine analysis here. Damn fine!

  17. Just a little heads up to folks. David Brock has hired more online trolls through a new organization called, Shareblue. Google it.

  18. So because Trump is an unstable madman nobody is allowed to ask questions? HOW does that make sense?!?!
    Russian troll factories have almost certainly influenced the outcome of the elections and Trump's cabinet is full of people with dubious connections to Russia.
    Never mind all that, we don't want Trump to get riled up.

  19. a populace that riots in the streets over gender bathrooms …. nuclear aramgeddon? meh

  20. Oh God, the Dems want a new cold war. And the guy with the nuclear codes has the foresight and temperament of Donald Trump. ༼ノಠل͟ಠ༽ノ-︵-┻━┻

  21. It won't be a proxy war as there's no way for the US to win against Russia in the Ukraine should it come to a hot war. Further intervention by US allies in Europe will push Russia into a situation where nuclear warhead deployment seems rational. They will not target it at European states but at the United States. One war too many, every empire that's come to perish did exactly this.

  22. Most Americans don't want another cold-war. Trying to start one, just because they got caught with their pants down, is political suicide. If they don't do something to repair their broken credibility, they'll just keep losing elections…and all this Russia shit, isn't helping.

  23. ahahahahshshhshahahahahahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this guy is still supporting Bernie sanders and attacking Donald Trump and just recently Donald Trump release his tax return and guess what he pays more percentage taxes than brenie and people (former brenie supporters) are starting to question brenie ahahahhahahahahhaha 😂😂😂😂

  24. Since when has the truth ever played a real part in the political arena?

    The system mandates the action of the individual. The individual does not determine how this country will function. And, it doesn't matter if that individual is a democrat or republican. Particularly when it comes to waging the next war.

    The only difference or any debate between the two parties may be over which country has the misfortune of being up next on the perpetual war list.

    The Military Industrial Complex is this country's bloodline and a money making machine. War somewhere, with some country is inevitable. And, if it's ever Russia or China.. say hello to the draft boys and girls.

  25. As someone commented earlier, this is quickly become the Birther movement of Democrats. The goal is to question the legitimacy of the presidency of Donald Trump.


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