Chicago Activists Working to Take Over Local and National Politics – Politics Video

Anthony Clark, running for Congress in Illinois, Samantha Nichols of Reclaim Chicago, and Gino Betts, running for judge in Chicago, talk about their successes and challenges

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  1. Illinois is on the road to bankruptcy! Keep Chicago, Illinois far from the US budget.

  2. Search for : ' Trump Is A Zionist Shill '

  3. There are No Parties, Only right or wrong!

  4. Clinton is as much the enemy as Trump is!

  5. Gibberish. More 'men and women of the people' doubling down on the 'progressive' ideology that is the primary source of Chicago's problems. Hello? Identity politics is a road to serfdom. A collective psychotic episode.

  6. The rich pay more than their fair share.

    These leftists don't know what they are talking about.

  7. Same ol' touchy feely but ultimately empty rhetoric that is eventually used to manipulate the people. "People over politics" sounds good, but when the people themselves are just as exclusively self-interested as the politicians, it should be ethics over people. The desires of a mediocre people aren't ultimately what is best.

    However, when you have a public too misinformed, infantile, unethical and primitive to recognize that ethics should take presedence over their immediate personal desires what you get is superficial identity politics. A small time crook who cares only about their own little world is no better than a wall street criminal.

    The reason why the American system is broken and will remain broken is that the masses share many of the faulty characteristics of the criminals who lead them. If it weren't the case, we wouldn't be where we are today.

    Too many people leading too many dishonest lives.

  8. when you start off with racism and sexism in your platform, you are a huge part of the problem, not the solution. this guy is a sad example of what is the bernie platform. I scoff at this "take over local and national politics. this guy needs to try out for maybe a small town city council seat. that's about the best he can hope to begin with.

  9. Get ready to start hearing a lot about IL in the national news in the coming years when IL becomes the Greece of the USA. The state workers that receive a pension rely on that as their version of social security (these workers opted out of social security back when it was expanded during the Great Society since IL already had a successful program). The thing is, unlike our national social security system which is still solvent, the politicians of IL have ransacked the fund. There's a reason why more people left IL than any other state in the U.S. last year (a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future). It's also one of the few states that is losing more citizens (especially millennials) than it is gaining. As you can imagine, this only inflames the pension problem at a time when more and more boomers are retiring. The state is broke, the politics are broken, and no one seems to have a solution to the problem. I understand people need to run for the national offices, but the state really needs people dedicated to the hard nose fiscal issues condemning IL to a bleak future if nothing changes. Why on God's green earth IL was picked to host a summit designed to project a hopeful/optimistic future of left-wing progressive politics I'll never know. IL is corrupt through and through.


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