How Key Events Steered US Politics Off The Rails | Morning Joe | MSNBC – Politics Video

Axios’ Jim VandeHei joins Morning Joe to discuss how six seminal events in the past 24 years steered American politics off the rails.
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How Key Events Steered US Politics Off The Rails | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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  1. does Joe ever allow anyone to finish their point or just habitually butts in all the time.

  2. Pedophilia sympathizers what a shame

  3. If the problem is polarization, why not reform the system in order to make it easier for a third party to join the debate?

  4. Msnbc …. A steam train that runs on bull $%it with morning joe and his lap dog wildly shoveling BS into the firebox going down the track trying to rear end and derail the President that was elected by us. Much better than accepting the outcome of the election and getting behind the President . Boycott any advertiser that supports msnbc .

  5. Its like chain letters became how political opinions are formed

  6. Joe & crew – Began when GOP lost to popular causes in 60 – 70 & couldn't come up w policy good for ALL Americans to differentiate & get votes on. They had no recourse but to purely sell out to rich & manipulate vote instead of win on ideas. Social media was result of this & govt deliberately doing nothing to control it or even mass media because $ made it so

  7. They need to ban the opinion based news period. There are way too many dimbasses in this country to fall for Alex Jones and his ilk.

  8. Fox News is the channel for racism hate conspiracy theories and out right lies. People need to stop watching Fox all together not just the News it's the only way for the little man to get justice is to bring down their ratings. Good people stick to it they would be History in about ten years.

  9. Said forever goodbye to facebook a while back, not missing a thing it is like sugar and drugs , a addiction.

  10. You have a slowly boiling civil war that has been underway for nearly 70yrs. It's about socio-economics and culture. Paranoid white guys against EVERYBODY else.

  11. i second your feelngs. Please Joe, let other people speak.  I like your show but you are becoming a little too vocal despite your other hosts. It's like watching the View.  I don't have anything against those ladies, but when they are all talking you cannot hear anything.

  12. The first African American President -backlash got us here. A large swath of this country is still racist and very intolerant. So Trump and his campaign played on these red-meat tactics, energizing a base of voters holding those views. Stop making excuses for these deplorables …they're simply bigots, that put commonsense to the side, on protecting something that was never there's. The American Dream is for everyone…

  13. Joe. You have 1 mouth and 2 ears. Please use them accordingly.

  14. We should go back to regular morning, afternoon, and nightly news.  "If it bleeds, it leads."   That was the slogan for the 24/7 news outlets.

  15. Jim had 3 interesting points to make – and surprise surprise! Joe interrupted him after #2

  16. We have to remember that a lot of the polls during the election season were wrong because they didn't cover every group. On-line polls reach a younger group than telephone polls do, especially land-line polls. Different generations react differently to the same issues even when they're in the same party. Really we've come to agree to disagree on almost everything. It's all about the party instead of the country. That's not a good thing. We need to get back to country before party. You can vote for whomever you want. You don't have to vote along party lines. It's your vote. It's your conscience. It's your values. It's your morals. Just vote and help others to vote. Good luck!

  17. "It's almost impossible to govern unless you have all party rule."    Ummm…apparently you can't govern even when you do have all party rule. The Do-Nothing Congress is still doing nothing.

  18. Man I used to take up for Joe but he needs to let Mika speak without interrupting her

  19. This show would be better without Joe. Let people finish their sentences damnit.

  20. I like Joe.He adds a little levity to the show.On days He's not there the show is too deadly serious.He just needs to stop interrupting.

  21. The change is Trump. He gutted the entitled leftist media and exposed the corruption of the DNC and wretched race baiting Democratic Party for what it is. Corporate propaganda like MSNBC and other fake news is doomed. As is politics as usual. The game has changed. The people are back.

  22. Mika is like a puppy next to Joe !!!

  23. We have the best President in histoy! #TRUMP2020

  24. Clinton, Bush, and yes, Obama not keeping faith with all the American people is how we got here.

  25. Global Media Monopolists like Murdoch are the enemies of true democracy – no wonder Fox loves Trump…

  26. I remember growing up watching the news, when news was
    factual without the drama. You had men like Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite
    and Dan Rather, they had set high standards for reporting. You can rely on news
    from these men, they didn’t play around reeking havoc to gain attention or
    caused princess drama or shouting match or shouting your guest right off the

    News today, there is no set honest to goodness standards
    that I once relied upon growing up. News has become too much noise. I also see
    too many anchors throwing out their so called ideals too much noise. Humanitarian
    news good or bad has become too much noise. A politics where you actually got
    to know congress has become too much noise.

    Bring back those reporting standards that Murrow, Cronkite
    and Rather created trust and we watched and  followed, they are remembered to this day,
    they were a part of history, compared to the currents anchors men and women
    whom we don’t know their name, thriving on popularity, fame, money and having
    your own news. They are the ones I don’t follow, nor hear. Trust between news
    and the public broken.  

    Cut down on the noise and I want to hear and trust the news
    that I can rely on and how news can help me better prepare my intellect and my
    day to day living.


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