Trump Screws Lying Democrats & ‘Shithole’ Countries, Tells DACA Dreamers ‘Where To Go’ – Politics Video

Trump Screws Lying Democrats & ‘Shithole’ Countries, Tells DACA Dreamers ‘Where To Go’
President Donald Trump is being excoriated by the mainstream media over his alleged comments about third-world countries. According to Congressmen present in a meeting in the Oval Office on immigration, Trump lashed out, asking them why they are insisting America take in illegal immigrants from “shithole” countries. Luckily, Trump doesn’t buckle to the breathless reporting by the fake news, and he freaked them out over his new plans for DACA Dreamers, making clear “where they could all go.”President Trump has been attempting to reach a bipartisan consensus regarding a few different issues that seem to be tied together. One is the Southern border wall, of course, which is the last thing any Democrat wants to endorse. Building the border wall is also something many globalist Republicans don’t want, which leaves Trump having to tie it to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, illegal aliens.


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  1. But i don't really care about whatever those democrats losers said about my president Donald trump, bur anyway my president Donald trump all the way 2020 and no question about it.

  2. The democrats have shown themselves to be liars. They have to keep them here to keep their jobs at this point.

  3. DemocRats are very desperates. S..h…holes 😂😂😂😂

  4. You know its funny these people are all fleeing there own countries to come to America what are we suppose to believe there country is great don't think so


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