Tucker Carlson vs. North Korea Sympathizer: "People Are Not Starving," "Healthiest Looking People In The World"

On Monday night's broadcast of his FOX News program, Tucker Carlson interviewed Deirdre Griswold, the editor of "Workers World," a publication he described as a weekly communist newspaper that supports the North Korean regime.

Carlson began the interview by calling her a longtime supporter of North Korea (DPRK) and its leaders, something she did deny. His first question was: "So, since you've been to both countries, I'm just wondering, so one is, obviously, the world's last Stalinist regime. It's pretty rigidly Marxist. South Korea is floridly capitalist. It's a market-based economy which, of course, you reject. Which country would you rather live in

Griswold opted not to answer, instead expressing she wanted to spend her time on the show to talk about those in Washington who want to push for a war in Korea. Carlson agreed with her, that he is opposed to a war and that there are people who would like to engage militarily with North Korea.

"Let me just say that I have never said this to a communist before, but I actually agree with you," he quipped. "I don't want a war in…

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