Will The White House Leaks Stop For President Trump Soon? – Politics Video

Will The White House Leaks Stop For President Trump Soon?

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Breaking Report: Source of WH Leak Found, Much Worse Than We Thought

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  1. Ivanka is one of the leakers …in my opinion
    Ivanka is friends with Chelsea Clinton = proof Ivanka is a Traitor to her father and a moron.

  2. It won't happen chabadabada chabadabada put him there to make him their futur king ,their new Gilgamesh, it won't happen as they are the one who decides everything for USA, for the whole world.

  3. These leaks are felonies. Lots of folks going to prison. MAGA!

  4. I can see in his face, we're fucked and he is in presorrow for our coming carnage.

  5. These leaks have got to stop. All president Trump did was congratulate Putin for his win Justice Putin did to president Trump when he became the president. Stop making such a thing about everything

  6. With all the crimes that we know of from Anti-American politicians it just horrible to see them still walking the streets. I hope Trump puts on his big boy pants and starts using his power to drain Washington.

  7. leaks wont stop until leakers start getting hanged.

  8. HR McMaster was a Obama holdover and a Geogre Soros stooge, it about time he brought someone like John Bolton to get rid of these Obama/Clinton loyalist

  9. I hope so; but by the second term, the morons will shift, and start getting tickets for the TRUMP TRAIN

  10. Put treason on all leakers. There has got to be a way Mr. President.We love you and are with you all the way. God bless you sir and your family. Presidents should gave meeting of the minds to negotiate a way where everyone wins not one sided. That causes wars. God bless us all!!!!


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