It Is Irrational For A Senator To Say Buhari Is Incompetent – Femi Adesina Pt.2 |Politics Today| – Politics Video

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  1. Pmb has nothing to say and that is why he is not talking. He can't face the press without making blunder .

  2. If I saw femi adesina in person, I will slap him

  3. This man is 1 of Nigeria problem

  4. Very sad.
    Pathetically Sad.
    So, Nigerians have decided to continue to deceive and delude themselves?
    When will this mess end?
    So, Gaddafi' s men masquerading as herdsmen are the ones responsible for the massacres of thousands of innocent men, women and children in Enugu, Edo Anambra, Plateau, Taraba, Benue, Ekiti, Osun etc etc.?
    So, Nigeria is under invasion?
    If these are truly agents of Gaddafi, why are states all over nigeria being instructed to create cattle colonies for them?
    Create colonies for foreign enemies (Libyans) invading your country?
    Furthermore, none of these Gaddafi's men has ever been caught and prosecuted. Why?
    Am I missing something?
    It does not just add up, neither does it make sense.

  5. No sowore nigeria must divide into pieces

  6. femi you are very stupid man I have never seen. you are like buhri you people have know brain

  7. 1:31 – When President Buhari came back from his sickness, this same Adesina said he will work on the media chat issue. He said we should expect one before the year ran out.This was 2017. This is 2018

    4:30 – Femi Adesina likes making some weird comparisons and it's laughable Jonathan is the level they are comparing with. They asked him about what the government knows about Chibok and he instead used that to compare the response of this goverment to Dapchi and the previous government to Chibok. Chineke me. Let him stop it.Just google Adesina and comparisons and you will see many of this behavior he documents

  8. How do I slap this guy from here?

  9. I don't blame Femi Adesina, he's must say what they ask him to say including osibanjo otherwise they will be sacked by hausa/fulani, yoruba are really slaves to hausa's, feeding left over from hausa/fulani

  10. Mr Buhari and his team(Adeshina inclusive ) are incompetent . The use lies and propaganda to cover up but how can that carry them? 2019 will tell

  11. If a senator who knows what is going on in the government who else will do that Femi

  12. BUHARI has failed is ur president not the one who claim to bring those girls back the first year in his office

  13. Goat!. Real goat.. Deserve hot slap.. !


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