Scarborough: You Are "Stupid" And "Incompetent" If You Believe In Comey Conspiracy Against Trump

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said it needs to be repeated as much as possible that fired FBI director James Comey did as much as anybody, other than the "bad campaigning" of Hillary Clinton, to get Donald Trump elected. The Morning Joe host called it a "conspiracy theory" that Comey is out to get Donald Trump or that the president is a victim of the former FBI director.

"James Comey's letter did as much as anything, other than Hillary Clinton's bad campaigning, electing Donald Trump president. McCabe leaking about the Clinton Foundation being under investigation hurt Hillary Clinton," Scarborough said on Monday's broadcast of the morning program.

Scarborough then insulted those who believe Comey hurt Donald Trump and implored them to get away from kitchen cutlery and household appliances because of the possibility of hurting yourself since you are "too incompetent" and "stupid" to use them. Co-host Mika Brzezinski and regular panelist John Heilemann joined in on Scarborough's fun.

"Now, if you are at home and you don't understand that and you're buying into some stupid conspiracy theory at home that…

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