Don Lemon: Trump's Promise to Drain The Swamp Not Going Well

CNN's Don Lemon calls out President Trump for "building all over" the swamp he promised to drain.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Tonight, Congressman Chris Collins of New York stands indicted in an alleged insider trading scheme. Accused of multiple counts of fraud.

Now it is rare for prosecutors to indict a sitting elected official, particularly in an election year. But the U.S. attorney in New York says that Collins acted as if laws, well, they just didn't apply to him.

Now you may recall that the New York republican was the first member of Congress, the first one to endorse Donald Trump's presidential bid and was a frequent Trump surrogate during the 2016 campaign.


REP. CHRIS COLLINS (R), NEW YORK: Donald Trump has accomplished in this primary, is unprecedented. He spent very little money. He has rounded up the delegates that no one thought any of the original 17 would have by this point. Donald Trump is absolutely brilliant. And Donald Trump is a winner, Donald Trump wants to win.

The temperament and the personality of Donald Trump is exactly what America wants.


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