Tucker Carlson: Ruling Class Consider Themselves Gods, They Render Their Own Judgment

Tucker Carlson said the left used to pretend that you have a right to think for yourself, something they are not even pretending to care about anymore. He said the current ruling class considers themselves gods who render their own judgment.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Freedom of speech. A lot of people voted for Donald Trump in the hope they'd have more of it. Two years in, the opposite has happened. Our ruling class has clamped down as never before on personal expression. Gone is the free exchange of ideas we were promised as Americans. In its place: mandatory, soul-deadening conformity. An entire population forced to repeat the same mindless platitudes, or else. An axis of left-wing corporate power, academia, media, and lawmakers have aligned to curb your right to speak freely, which is to say, your right to think for yourself. When they control your words, they control your mind. The left used to deny that this was their goal. They're not even pretending any more. They're baring their teeth and snarling. Get in line or we'll hurt you.

In a speech Monday night, CEO Tim Cook pledged that Apple, one…

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